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All recipients of Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funding are required to submit semi-annual reports on progress implementing their grants pursuant to the requirements of 49 CFR part 26.11(a). The Uniform Report of DBE Awards or Commitments and Payments shall report the dollar value of contracts and subcontracts awarded to DBEs and shall demonstrate the recipient’s progress toward reaching the recipient’s FTA-approved overall/triennial DBE goal. Pursuant to DBE Program regulations effective November 3, 2014, the recipient shall also report DBE participation and payments on ongoing contracts.  This information was required to be captured on the June 1, 2015 report and subsequent reports thereafter.

Report Due Date

  •      Reporting period:  October 1st through March 31st report due June 1st
  •      Reporting period:  April 1st through September 30th report due December 1st

Padilla & Associates Inc. is highly qualified to perform the above services, and possesses the required depth of qualifications and relevant experience. Padilla & Associates, Inc. is confident we can facilitate our clients’ timely submittal to FTA and ensure full compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.

Please contact us today if you would like Padilla & Associates, Inc. to assist you in meeting this regulatory requirement by e-mail at or by phone at (714)568-0363.

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