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Enhanced Compliance Application Tool (ECAT)—is an electronic business solution for SB/DBE/DVBE data compliance to effectively and timely meet Client objectives and owner-driven directives. The data collected and maintained in ECAT is owned by the Client and the data will be in a format that can interface with other data software platforms. ECAT is a secured web-hosted software program that efficiently and effectively maximizes automating monthly, quarterly and annual mandatory compliance data capturing and reporting, minimizes paperwork, decreases opportunity for human error and eliminates the inconsistent application of enforcement in regard to counting and crediting for SB/DBE/DVBE utilization and SB Program compliance monitoring on public works projects/contracts (construction and professional services contracts).

ECAT creates an online database of the Contractor invoices and subcontractor payment reports; generates compliance logs with standard electronic letters and documents, and many other features for correspondence to Contractors. ECAT reduces the intensive personnel hours needed to manually review hundreds of pages of subcontractor utilization records for any given contract and project duration. These economic savings are achieved by enabling the Contractor to enter the required project information into ECAT and communicating with the government agency Administrator to achieve compliance with mandated directives and utilization reporting. ECAT will flag administrative errors, omissions, or discrepancies the Contractor may have on their report and enable the opportunity to address the errors. The Contractor will receive immediate feedback on payment miscalculations that need correction prior to report submittal to the Administrator. ECAT provides the Administrator with the ability to accept reports, reject reports or mark “Received with Discrepancies

ECAT has extensive reporting functions with filters needed to satisfy a wide array of reporting needs. These reports are designed to provide the client with the access, instant interface and utilization data necessary to increase efficiencies in reporting and ease in all aspects of compliance monitoring and implementation activities.