About Us

Padilla & Associates, Inc. is a multi-disciplined, management-consulting firm specializing in the design, development and implementation of Labor Compliance, Project Labor Agreements (PLA) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program models, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Non-Discrimination provisions, job training and placement and referral programs, including Local Hire initiatives. Program strategies have resulted in unprecedented increases in promoting understanding of applicable regulations and contract compliance, while advancing positive business and community relations for large-scale public works projects.

Padilla & Associates, Inc. was established in 1993 by Owner and President (sole principal), Patricia K. Padilla. The firm offers its clients flexibility, reliability, responsiveness and proven experience in designing innovative contract compliance programs to meet client needs. Padilla & Associates, Inc. has offices in Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties. The firm’s President, managers and professionals possess over 60 years of experience as former public administrators, within large regional, federal and state agencies and School and Community College Districts. Their collective knowledge and expertise in construction and Labor Compliance enforcement has enabled the firm to be retained as a prime consultant to numerous public agencies in the development of Labor & DBE Compliance Programs; policies and procedures, race and gender-neutral outreach and technical training. Additionally, Padilla & Associates, Inc. is an Associate Member of the Coalition for Adequate School Housing (C.A.S.H.). Further, Padilla & Associates, Inc. has provided extensive expert services, serving as a member of the claim litigation support teams for large scale public works projects, with emphasis and expertise in the review and interpretation of Labor regulatory and contractual provisions, providing applicability determinations and enforcement recommendations. Padilla & Associates, Inc. has also successfully reached negotiated settlements with all contractors who have been found in violation of the California Labor code on the firms Los Angeles Community College District Project.