DBE Services

As a leading expert in DBE Consulting Services, Padilla & Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in effectively developing and implementing tailored DBE Programs in accordance with the U.S. DOT DBE Program (Title 49 CFR Part 26).  Padilla & Associates, Inc. has performed these services for numerous public sector clients. The Padilla & Associates, Inc. Team has established strong working relationships with the FTA, FHWA, FAA, FRA and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).


•   Preparation of Local Agency DBE Annual Submittal Form (Exhibit 9-B), Race-Conscious and Race-Neutral projections, DBE availability analysis, in accordance with U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT) DBE Program (Title 49 CFR Part 26) requirements.

•   Overall DBE Goal development in accordance with (FTA/FAA) DBE requirements.  

•   DBE Program development (Preparation of DBE Policy Statement, identification of Monitoring & Enforcement mechanisms, Prompt payment selection & Race-Neutral support services).

•   Contract-Specific DBE Goal development (including DBE  Availability Listings) tailored to market area to facilitate outreach.

•   Preparation of Required Race-Conscious “DBE Implementation Agreement” (Exhibit 9-A), as necessary.

•   Pre-Bid/Pre-Construction Presentations and Collaterals.

•   Good Faith Effort Evaluations.

•   Development and coordination of targeted Focus groups to help boost SBE participation.